Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 1 in Dubai

Well we have made it!  After so many months of preparation, talking about it, packing, cleaning, more packing, more cleaning, etc etc etc, we are finally here!

The flight over was pretty seamless.  Oliver watched movies non-stop, Lucy barely managed one (but did seem to like Herbie Goes Banana's) and Charlotte suffered a few "Horrid Histories" episodes, but otherwise generally annoyed us.

On arrival at the airport, I (rich) got off the plane first, with most of the bags and all of the children. Rach was just behind us.  The 4 of us got off at the first exit and waited for Rach...she didn't appear.  We realised there were two exits so went to wait at the point they both come together....she didn't appear.  We went a bit further into the airport...she didn't appear. In the end, and after 20 mins of waiting we found Rach a kilometer away, near passport control!  She was a bit freaked out, as were we, as she had got off at the second exit from the plane, not realising there were two, and just kept walking, thinking that we had stormed off in front!

Anyway, fast forward through passport control (where the immigration man fell in love with Lucy) to the mini-bus into town.

Lucy fell asleep, but the other two were mesmerised.  Got to the hotel about 9pm, dumped our bags and went up for a beer on the top floor open air bar.  The pool was hand tested for temperature - very good, so we headed back down and tucked them all into bed.

The next morning was a quick doughnut/danish at Tim Horton's, followed by a swim, back to the room, out to the little local supermarket, which wasn't too badly priced, them back for a swim.

Here's a little idea of where we are staying at the moment, along with some very groovy dancing....

Tomorrow it's time to pick up the car (2 mins from hotel) have a medical, have a conference call with work, then hit the big supermarket for a proper shop.  Oh what fun...

More to follow, and I'll try to get a few piccies uploaded too.


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