Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 29 in Dubai

Ok, so it's day 30 really, as my energy levels were not up to doing this last night, so I'm doing it on Monday morning instead.

First off, school photo's which I hear there has been some demand for.  This was the first day of school:

The kids were really excited, if a little daunted, but the it all seemed to go really well. They were given buddies to help introduce them, which helped.  We're now a week on, and there is a bit of moaning about "I don't want to go to school".  In Olsey's case, that's just usual grips (he comes home telling you all the good things he has done everyday), but with Charlotte, she is struggling a little more, as her "buddy" plays with Barbie during break time, not quite Charlotte's scene....  Otherwise all good after week one.

Olsey has played in a couple of football training sessions after school. Last night he was made captain of the team and got player of the match!  He seemed to really enjoy it.  He also got given "George" the tiger to take home from school on Thursday.  George gets to go home to a special person each week, and Olsey got him as he had had a good first week at school. You then have to take George to do good stuff and take photo's of him with you, then write a diary about it.  We took George swimming round a friend from work's house, then to the beach club where they come round with free ice lollies every hour!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel Club:

We were finally able to get out onto the balcony!  I found out that if you sign a disclaimer, to say that it's your fault if you kiill yourself, they will unlock it, so hey presto!

It enabled Rach to take a few great photo's one on a clear day:

And one with a large cloud of san heading across the city!  All very Mission Impossible (if you have seen the latest film you'll get that)

In other news, we found a house!  A really nice villa in Jumeirah 1, the heart of the community, a 5 minute walk from the beach, and with lots of nice little shops, coffee shops etc all within a short walk.  We are really chuffed as it took kissing quite a few frogs before we eventually found a good one!  There's a nice sized shared pool, with a gym, table tennis table and squash court, and just enough room for visitors!

Cafe culture!

We also ordered a new car.  We went for a Ford Expedition in the end, mid range spec, with a 5.2litre v8 - well you have to, don't you?? We should be getting it this weekend once the windows have been tinted (or pimped...).

Right, off to work now - temperatures are around 36 degrees at the moment, nice in the shade, but really quite scorchio in the direct sunlight.  Have a good week everyone.

The Goodies

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