Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 22 in Dubai

Rich has decided it is my turn to do our weekly entry, so I apologise that it won't be as witty and will be more girlie this week!!

So here goes, a week in the life of myself and three very hyper children. I started out the week by taking the kids to the cinema in one of the few small/manageable malls. A friend recommended we go for a morning showing as the locals are not early risers and they tend to be very loud and go there for a gossip in the cool. We went for the 10.15 showing of The Pirates! The Band of Misfits 3D, excellent film especially as it was a private showing...yes we were on our own! After, I took the three kids grocery shopping which is always a joy.....Luckily we got back to the hotel and were spotted trying to carry a large amount of shopping, so we (I) were rescued by the bell boy who took it up to our apartment for me. Sometimes it's not so bad living in a hotel.

The following day, I put the kids in the car, plugged them into their iPods and did a trial school run. Missed the turning but managed to find the school after 20 minutes, not too bad for me. Then we hit Creek park again for a picnic and play. I was persuaded, or shall we say was bullied into, renting a four person bike thingy at 11.30am, therefore pretty warm and then basically peddled them around for half an hour while they argued who got to steer - but deep down, I did quite enjoy it. Then we spent the next few hours trying out the different play areas and watching seaplanes taking off. On my return I found out my little sister had had her baby girl which was fantastic news but did make me a little (a lot) homesick so had to go up to the bar for a Margarita to celebrate.

One of the ladies, Jane who has taken me under her wing, signed Oliver up for soccer circus which basically meant he went to play football all day with lunch at Mcdonalds with a few of his new friends from school. He had a lovely day and unfortunately for the girls we went looking at more villas and little bit of shopping for the new baby. I was going to take them to get their nails done but I got slightly lost after dropping off Oliver - oops!

The other lovely lady, Emma (my primary school friend who I have not seen since I was 12) who has looked after me and the kids since we have arrived took us to a soft play area in another mall (she doesn't even have children and she was willing to go to one of those places - that's a nice person for you.). Met one of her friends who had two small children, then went to Costa so Lucy could still have her babycinos and luckily they do come with a marshmallow! That evening we had been invited for dinner at one of Rich's colleagues houses. Had to take the kids but they behaved really well and we had a lovely evening out, first in two and half weeks which is a little unheard of for the Goodies. They live in a very spacious villa on a partially built compound so a little eerie at night.  It actually rained while we were having dinner too!

Continuing on with my mad week, I tagged onto a trip with Jane to the Al Ain zoo which is about an hour and quarter from Dubai through the desert (kids very excited to see wild camels). I would have been one hours if 1) You don't need petrol (but only cost me £20 to fill up from empty), 2) One of children doesn't need a picnic wee and 3) We knew where we were going. A 2 hour journey there and back with walking round a reasonably good zoo in the midday sun. I was shattered by the time we got back, I was asleep by 8.30pm, kids were up with Rich until 10ish as they slept all the way back!

Yippee, I had made it to the weekend and even better Richard's phone (not known at the time) had been cancelled so he didn't get emails all weekend. Great for us but as the weekend went on he was getting a little aggetated. The kids and I had a joyful morning following Rich around a mall, buying new glasses, work and casual clothes. We then dangled Ski Dubai in front of the kids while we had lunch and walked away with our normal saying "we can't do it today, but we have loads of time to do these fun things". We did treat them to a couple of fun fair rides (in the mall) which are very cool and not too expensive.

Friday night we had another social engagement, a bbq with Emma and her husband and another couple. Lovely evening, Rich sank numerous beers to try to catch up on his average intake, which has taken a bit of a knock lately, and discussed the ins and outs of how rubbish it is to set up your life in Dubai as new people........

Saturday we had the joy of car shopping and then picnic in the park before viewing a house in a compound - 15 minutes to the city and school but is just like the Truman Show. By the end of the day Rich and I were very confused over cars and houses - too many decisions. Charlotte started getting nervous about school starting today. They all had an early night.

School went really well - we got lost again on the way there!!!  But once there, the teachers were lovely and the kids were made to feel at home instantly.  They can't wait to get back there tomorrow and continue their Arabic language lessons!!

Right, that's your lot this week - more piccies and video next week, we promise.


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